Erzabet Bishop

[This month, we sit down for a quick interview with Erzabet Bishop. The author of erotica, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy, Bishop here discusses her Sigil Fire series, the future of The Erotic Pagans series, and her other projects.]

ev0ke: You recently released the three-book boxset of your Sigil Fire series. First, congratulations! Second, how did you go about creating the Sigil Fire universe? Which mythologies and folklore did you draw upon?

Erzabet Bishop: Thank you! The Sigil Fire universe was created as a short piece for an anthology and became a much longer story. Folklore and mythology have always been of interest to me, and I wanted each character to bring something different to the table. With Fae, you have more of a pagan/witch background, while Sonia was originally an angel, but became a succubus and awoke to the many gray layers that comprise the myths and legends of goddesses, demons and the many hidden layers of their world.

As for what mythologies influenced me the most, I think a blend of women’s spirituality that includes trifold elements of both the Christian faith and the Goddess. Women are strong and we have many layers. I wanted my characters to show that. Flawed and beautiful, broken, and utterly amazing. They have been inked into my soul and I hope readers enjoy it. There will be one more book coming.

ev0ke: Many of your stories fall into the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres. What do you find so compelling about these genres? What draws you to them?

EB: Yes they do, don’t they? I have always loved what might be hiding in the shadows just a little bit more than the obvious things out in plain sight. There are mysteries and hidden depths to the characters that for me is just missing in most contemporary genres. Shifter stories, in particular, have a resonance and a fascination. What would it be like to have a dual nature that had you skirting humanity and the wild parts of your heart? I can’t get enough of it. Witch stories to me are elemental for women discovering their inner strengths, sometimes with unintended consequences. It’s messy and I love it.

ev0ke: I love The Erotic Pagans series. So far, the books for Samhain, Beltane, and Yule have been released. Will there be more books in the series, and/or will they ever be collected like Sigil Fire?

EB: Right now, The Erotic Pagans series has been pulled so the publisher and I can discuss where we want the series to go. Longer books, more adventures … and yes, my hope is that they will be collected like Sigil Fire.

ev0ke: Where can readers find your work?

EB: Readers can find most of my work on Audible, Amazon, and other leading retailers like Barnes & Noble. More of my books are being published on audio and you can also purchase paperbacks.

ev0ke: What other projects are you working on? 

EB: Right now, I am finalizing the Born of Hellfire trilogy which should be out before too long. My newest release with Gina Kincade, Outfoxing Her Mate, came out on September 15th. I am also working on a teen series called Moon Called under the pen name, Dana Wright.

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