Happy Anniversary! A Letter From the Editor

Roughly a year ago, we decided to move our publication from Medium to our very own website. This was done largely to preserve our rights to our work, but it also gave us a chance to experiment more with page layout, story ideas, and formatting. Above all, it’s encouraged us to try to build something worthwhile from the ground up, away from “guaranteed reads” that a larger site could offer. It’s been immensely rewarding so far.

None of it would be possible without my co-owners: Rebecca, Laurelei, and Sheldon. Each of them is boundlessly creative, each of them is wonderfully knowledgeable. I am proud and delighted to call them friends, and to share the work of ev0ke with them.

Welcome to our anniversary issue, appropriately set in October, the “month of witches”. While not all our readers identify as witches, we hope that you view the season, and the works that we’ve presented here (in the present and past monthly editions), as magical in their own right. We hope that they empower you, that they uplift you, and that they expand the world for you, even as creating ev0ke has done for us.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with us. We can’t wait to see what magic the coming year brings.

— Ashley Nicole Hunter