Graveyard Do’s and Don’ts

October inspires beautiful feelings in many witches and Pagans, from the urge to ransack Spirit stores for our year-round decorating needs to a deep desire to reconnect with our honored dead. Because the weather is so nice for much of the United States during this time, quite a few of us will also be venturing out into graveyards to pay our respects and, perhaps, gather some components for future spells.

Remember that, just as with the living, when you visit a graveyard you are a guest in someone else’s home. Even if you don’t have a connection born of visiting every second Tuesday, there are ways to politely start building one with your local dead and of treating a graveyard with respect.

This infographic gives some starting tips, such as not taking rubbings of neat gravestones you come across (this can wear down the engravings), walking on top of graves (disrespectful AND can be hazardous if graves are old/poorly maintained), or taking home flowers left behind (no matter how old they are, leave them alone).

[Written by Ashley Nicole Hunter.]

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