September 2019


“Run! The Call Is Coming From Inside the God Phone!” by Ashley Nicole Hunter


In the Wilds of the Mother — Part One and Part Two by Rebecca Buchanan

Vignette I: Anthusae by Rebecca Buchanan

Vignette II: Aurae by Rebecca Buchanan

Vignette III: Eleionomae by Rebecca Buchanan

When Dougie Met Mr. Smith by Rebecca Buchanan

What the Waters Owed by Ashley Nicole Hunter


Samantha Lykeia Sanders, author of The Name of Apollon

Suzanne Hill Thackston, author of Dark Horses: A Tale of Arkadian Terror


11 Pagan Habits That Need to Die by Ashley Nicole Hunter

Finally, Support for Abuse Victims in Paganism by Ashley Nicole Hunter

Mint and Stone: How to Create an Indoor Shrine to Hades by Rebecca Buchanan


Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Spellbound by Allie Therin [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]